अमोल ● Handwoven | Dabu Printed ● Cotton Short Kurta
The sunrises now are more golden than ever, koyals sing louder suddenly and the smell of ripening mangoes encompasses our hearts with unimaginable joy and frolic. Summers are so beautiful, here in the tropics. To introduce you to a journey of comfort and elegance, we present a subtle and classy range of men’s shirts. Beautiful dabu prints on fine cotton, spread in a range of soothing motifs and patterns, is a must have in your summer collections. Beat the heat, with some dabu print!
इशाना ✽ Antique White metal Jewelry
Carefully crafted from shiny metal, these necklaces have a charm of their own... From lotuses, flowers to spiky forms too! Be it the chokers or the long ones that you may like, they all add a statement to the outfit, and shall make you stand out!
गुलमोहर ⁂ Tangaliya Cotton Dress Materials & Stoles
Pure cotton to comfort you through your daily chores and cleverly placed tangaliya motifs to lend a sense of tradition in your outfit, the colors blend well with any outfit adorned by you and the age tested design makes a great gift for your loved ones.
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